Recipe: Scrambled eggs on toast



2 fresh eggs
1 knob of butter
2 slices of toast

Serves 1


Take a small Frying Pan and crack the eggs into it before heating the pan. Add the butter (you can use a herb butter for extra flavour) and season well with salt and pepper.

Put the pan onto a medium heat, next take a whisk and start beating the eggs, don’t let them sit still. This gets air into the eggs and makes the finished product ‘fluffier’.

After a minute or two the eggs will start to scramble and you should switch to using a spatula to keep the eggs moving and turn the heat down a bit. At this point put your bread in the toaster.

Once the eggs have scrambled to your preferred consistency, simply serve half on each slice of warm buttered toast and garnish with some chopped cbd products or a sprinkle of dried oregano.

9 thoughts on “Recipe: Scrambled eggs on toast”

  1. George I’ve always found that putting the eggs into a cup, adding a little bit of milk, salt and pepper and then whisking with a fork in the cup makes the best scrambled egg. It’s visually appealing (not that yours isn’t mate) and tasty good. I’d still put the butter into the pan alright, I normally use a saucepan and not a frying pan aswell. Just how I roll. 😀

    1. Hi Paul, good to hear from you again, it’s been a while 😉

      I used to do the same but I found by whisking the eggs in the pan, it makes them seem “fluffier” and a bit lighter.

      1. @Grannymar, essential that a plastic whisk is used in that case then :)

        @George, I’ve never had an issue doing it from a cup, especially that little bit of milk. It makes all the difference.

        1. I didn’t have an issue with doing them in a cup either, there both good ways of making scrambled eggs, but, if you ask 10 cooks to make the same thing you’ll end up with 10 different dishes.

          It’s one of the thing’s I love about cooking. There is nearly always another way of making the same dish. The fun (for me anyway) is trying the different ways and picking what works and tastes best for me. Personal preference and all that.

          Oh and good call on the plastic whisk.

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