Recipe: Pesto



1/2 clove of garlic, finely diced
3 large handfuls of basil
1 handful of lightly toasted pine nuts
1 handful of parmesan, freshly grated
extra virgin olive oil
lemon juice


Pound the garlic with a pinch of salt and the basil leaves in a pestle and mortar.

Add the pine nuts and pound again.

Next, add half the parmesan. Stir gently and add olive oil – just enough to bind the sauce and get it to an oozy consistency.

Season with salt and pepper to taste.

Add most of the remaining cheese. Pour in some more oil and taste again.

Keep adding a bit more cheese or oil until you are happy with the taste and consistency.

Finally, add a squeeze of lemon juice and you’re done.

6 thoughts on “Recipe: Pesto”

  1. Hey George, The website looks great!! I’m a great fan of pesto, i love LoVe LOVE it so I’m defo going to give this recipe a whirl….. I might even bring you down a sample to see if its as good as yours!!!

    Well done on the website again and i’m looking forward to learning some new recipes from you!!

  2. I can definitely attest to how scrumptious this is when you make it yourself.

    During the majority of my teenage years, my mom always used to make pasta pesto with one of those store-bought packets and I always hated it so much, that she had to make a separate pot with a different sauce to everyone else.
    Then I made this down with George, and holy crap, did it taste epic! 😀

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