This is one of my weaknesses, when ordering a delivery my preference would always be for pizza as it’s one of my favourite foods, but I have a tendency to overeat when ordering pizza from Domino’s. Partly because the pizza would always have a thick base (I don’t like the other base options) and partly because Domino’s pizzas are either a little bit too small or a little bit too large for me and I would usually go for the option that was a little too large…

Ferrari factory entrance
Ferrari factory entrance

On our first trip to Italy (as part of our honeymoon), we discovered a fantastic little restaurant near the hotel we were staying in, that served the most delicious thin based Italian pizzas at a very reasonable price.

In fact it was so good that when we returned to Italy last year with a friend, we booked into the same hotel on the first night just so we could go back to the same restaurant. I think Anto (yes, I do know Anto ;)) was a bit worried that we were a little too fond of this restaurant. Well at least until his Calzone arrived and he became a convert as well. We ate there almost every night we were in Italy, even driving a 100km plus round trip to get there on a few occasions!

Once we got home from our honeymoon, I had to try to make my own. Along the way I discovered a few things, first if you want to make pizza you need either a stone oven, (not terribly practical for most of us) or a pizza stone to put in your own oven. I’m not sure why this makes such a difference but it does. Also cornmeal sprinkled on the pizza stone or baking tray before placing the pizza on it to cook stops it sticking and allows it to slide effortlessly onto a plate when done.

And the three best things about making your own Pizza?

    * You can put anything you want on it
    * It’s a great way of using up those little bits and pieces you have leftover in the fridge
    * It’s way more cost-effective than ordering in

One final note, when you’re rolling out the bases, if they’re not perfectly round, don’t worry about it, it makes them appear more rustic and home-made 😉

9 thoughts on “Pizza”

  1. I’m pretty sure you could make up a batch of these dress and cook them for less than the cost of one large pizza from the Dom. :)

    And I’m fairly sure one of these will have a lot less calories. I tried to check but the pdf with dominos nutritional information, which isn’t on (on another site linked from their main page) is so corrupted I can’t open it :(

  2. I got that file to open today, and a medium normal crust Meateor has 255 calories per slice (average), which totals to 2040 calories for the whole pizza – or more than the recommended amount of calories per day for a woman.

    Upgrade that pizza to a LARGE normal crust and you top out at 2780 calories for the whole pizza – effing hell!

    1. So let’s see, meal that we used to get:
      Medium normal base pizza
      4 slices pepperoni passion – 976 3 slices Texas BBQ – 552
      1/2 garlic pizza bread – 274
      1/2 portion wedges – 75
      Dips – 75
      Can of Coke – 140
      George’s Total: 1540 calories Elly’s Total: 1116

      And now I quickly see why I got really fat…

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