Not Junk food goes Mobile

I’m very happy to announce that Not Junk food is now optimised for mobile web surfing.

Assorted smartphones.

Yes, that’s right, as of today you can access all our recipes and content with your internet enabled mobile phone.

There is a valid reason for doing this as opposed to just because I could or because the mobile web is where it’s at etc. *yawn* A mobile phone takes up a lot less counter space in the kitchen than a laptop or netbook. Which means that when you want to try one of our recipes, you don’t have to go to the hassle of memorising it, printing it or risk having a laptop in the kitchen.

Why not give it a try, by going here on your phone of choice, it should re-direct you immediately to the mobile version but just in case, I’ve put a link at the top of the sidebar which will switch you across. Once you have it, just bookmark it and you’ll have it for when you’re hungry and in the kitchen :)

I’ve only been able to test it on a Nokia N95 and a Nokia 5800 so please let us know what phone and browser you were using and how you found the experience in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Not Junk food goes Mobile”

  1. I went to enable my handset to access the internet from my service provider. It is fiercely competitive market here and prices keep falling all the time for charges. I was attended to by a very considerate and thoughtful young lady who advised me in all sincerity not to opt for the internet accessing service as the rental was high and the charge for use in surfing is also very high and suggested that I use the home computer for emails, and surfing the net. So, I have a handset that is capable but inactive, because I just decided to listen to the young lady.

    1. If you have a phone that can use wi-fi and acess to a wi-fi network, then most handsets will let you browse that way 😉

  2. My problem is that my handset service provider and broadband with wifi service provider are two different entities. Anyway, at my age, I have to watch the pennies George! You can’t send me food from there can you?

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