When is a recipe an ingredient?

When it’s a sauce!

This next recipe is based on the very first recipe I cooked that fateful day all those years ago when I decided to cook something from scratch. Over the 10 years or so since it’s morphed and changed a lot but I’ve settled on this variant.

Northern anchovies are important prey for marine mammals and game fish

These days I usually make a batch 3 times the size outlined and freeze it in bags as described in this previous post. In fact the picture on the recipe is just such a batch but I’m not sure everyone has a saucepan large enough for that so I’m giving you the quantities I used when testing out the recipe.

We use this sauce in lots of different dishes, it’s great as the tomato base for your pizzas and we use it in lots of others which will be posted in the coming weeks.

There is an ingredient in this which a lot of people dislike, an Anchovy! These little guys get a lot of bad press and while I would never have them on a pizza, I was even a little hesitant to try them in this sauce myself, but I wouldn’t make it without them now.


It’s only one Anchovy fillet in the entire recipe, if you can taste anchovy in the finished product you have an incredible palate! (if you’re not already a chef, get yourself to college :) ) In reality all it does to the flavour is add a little salt, so that means you won’t need to add as much salt when you’re seasoning it. But far more importantly, it adds a sheen to the sauce that I’ve never been able to get any other way while keeping the flavour. Including this sauce in any dish you’re making will make the final product look even more appetising.

You can make this recipe without the anchovy, but you really are doing yourself a disservice, give it a try, what do you have to lose?