Fresh Pasta

Farina Tipo 00 Flour
Farina Tipo 00 Flour

Once we found out how simple this is to make, a pasta machine was ordered and while we still keep some dried pasta on the shelf, most of the time we make our own fresh pasta.

When possible, it’s best to use Italian tipo 00 Flour, which is very easy to source in Italy (about €1 per kilo) but I’ve yet to find a reliable source in Ireland. Superquinn has come closest, having Tipo 0 in stock from time to time but not always (When they do I tend to buy all the stock).

You can use plain flour (the finer, the better) for this recipe and it will work perfectly, but if you happen to spot somewhere that sells Tipo 00 in Ireland please let us know as it does make the pasta taste much better.

We’ve been rather lucky in that whenever we hear of anyone going to Italy, we’ll ask them to bring some back for us and on our last trip we brought back a few kilo’s and were very close to having to pay excess baggage charges. So is anyone going to Italy any time soon and would you like to do us a big favour?

3 thoughts on “Fresh Pasta”

  1. Hiya George,
    Just left a mesage on your missus’ fb page – I got ’00’ flour in Fresh in Smithfield this morning. It’s 1.69 for a 1kg bag. the brand is Antonio Amato.
    Also have you tried Little Italy up the road from me? It’s a wholesalers, but on Saturday mornings from about 9-12 it opens for retail.

    1. Huge, Huge, HUGE thanks Elimare, picked up 3kg yesterday and I’m over the moon. :)

      I’ve been wanting to try some pizza bases with it for a while, now I can. Woo-hoo

  2. That’s brilliant Elimare, hubbie is delighted. We’ll be hitting there to restock our supplies. If you’re making our pasta recipe be sure to let us know how you get on!

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