Italian Meatballs

I love my Italian Meatballs, so does Elly and not to blow my own trumpet but most people who have eaten these have described them as awesome and asked me for the recipe.

La scala by night, Milano, Italy
Via Wikipedia

So after promising it to so many people, I’m finally posting it today. I have a lot of e-mails to send out to friends with links (and apologies) to make up for broken promises :) Still the best things in life are worth waiting for.

Part of the reason that I’m posting this today is that it is an excellent main course for a special Valentine’s meal for two, you can do the preparation in advance and freeze them until the day in question, leaving time to prepare a fresh starter and/or an incredible dessert on the day.

For me Italian food is Valentine’s day, I mean what could be more romantic than a fantastic candlelit meal, some opera playing quietly in the background, the one you love across the table with the candlelight reflecting in their eyes and you serving them a fantastic home cooked meal?

Over the two next weeks, I’ll be posting a starter and dessert to create a Valentine’s menu that will not be easily forgotten. So get cooking and freezing now, it’ll give you more time to enjoy the evening with the special person in your life.

One thought on “Italian Meatballs”

  1. Now you have me going all soppy! :(

    I wonder which toyboy I should invite…. or better still entice to invite me for a Val’s night dinner?

    I’ve tasted these and they are yummy!

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