Are there Leaders in this Food Revolution?

It’s a valid question, every revolution needs its leaders, someone to rally the troops, come up with the big plan, keep everyone motivated and implement whatever it is that the revolution is trying to implement.

So does this food revolution I’ve talked about before have any leaders?

Well of course! I think most would agree that one person who is out there and pushing this agenda of better health through food at every possible turn is Jamie Oliver, love him or hate him, he is doing everything he can to get the information into people’s hands and also encouraging them to use it.

If we can make his TED wish come true then the next generation will have a far better chance of leading a healthy life than this one and that makes a lot of sense, educate the youth now before they form the wrong habits and add to the problem.

But what other leaders are out there?

I found some potentials while browsing through other TED talks, Mark Bittman seems to have an idea about what’s wrong with what we eat in this excellent talk…

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I like his ideas, there is a logic to them that just resonates with me. When I read a review of ‘In Defense of Food’ by Michael Pollan over on Lily’s Blog (it was also mentioned by Rummuser in a comment on a previous post as well), I heard more of these same ideas so I’m eagerly waiting for my copy of ‘In Defense of Food‘ and ‘The Omnivore’s Dilemma‘ but I don’t think I need to wait to read the books to know that Michael Pollan is another revolutionary leader.

The most important leaders in the food revolution though, aren’t these high profile types, the most important leaders are the people who set our menus and cook our food and if that isn’t you or someone that you LITERALLY trust with your life then maybe it’s time to listen to some of the high profile types and learn about what makes a healthy diet, before it’s too late.

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