Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Yup I’m gonna be talking about him again today. His latest show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” started airing in the US on ABC during March and while I can’t seem to find any details of when/if it will be shown on this side of the pond, I have watched the first 3 episodes thanks to the wonders of the interweb, or more precisely youtube.


It follows a similar idea to “Ministry of Food” and “School Dinners” albeit with a more American slant. There are some really really scary moments in this show, like…

The children who, after watching Jamie make Chicken Nuggets from the carcass of a chicken and being disgusted by it, still want to eat them once they’re shaped and cooked. Talk about brain washed kids, are things this bad in Ireland?

I’ve gained so much respect for Jamie already for his work in the UK but this is a different world, these people don’t even realise that their system is broken, how *can* you think that it works when you’re living in the unhealthiest city in America? If Jamie can make a difference in the US then maybe the rest of us will follow.

You can watch the first three episodes by following the links below and I will add links to the future episodes as they become available.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ep1

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ep 2

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ep 3

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