The Revolution Continues

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution may have come to an end, at least the TV show has. The show itself has been fantastic and if you’re a bit sceptical of the value of cooking your own food and knowing what’s in your meals then, all I can say is, you really need to watch it.

There are too many great moments in it to start listing them all but the food mob is definitely one of the most entertaining.

Thanks to youtube you can watch the whole series on-line, it’s about two hours in total and really worth your time even if only to remind us all that one person can make a difference. So I’ve included a link below to the season playlist.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (youtube playlist)

The TV show is over, is that the end of the food revolution, heck no. There’s a load of information and recipes over on The Food Revolution page of his website.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution logo
Go on, sign it

There is also Jamie’s petition for us to sign, you may have noticed us tweeting and facebook-ing about it in the last few weeks. I don’t normally go in for petitions but in this case I think it’s really important for us all to show support, not just because it might help the cause, but also I reckon there may be quite a few of the big players in the food industry watching to see if they need to change their products to keep with the times. Who knows maybe some of the food processing companies might even change their ways.

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