Thai Food?

A few weeks back I asked on Twitter if anyone had any dishes they wanted to be able to cook at home; The most popular response was Thai food. Now I have to admit I’m not a big fan of Thai food, it’s the heat ye see, I’m a wee bit of a wuss when it comes to that (Not as much of a wuss as Elly though 😉 )

Anyway the big problem for me with regard to Thai food is where to start, I’ve only ever eaten Thai food twice in my life and on both occasions I, how should I put it, got a little bit… erm… tipsy, so I’m not even sure what I had, plus both occasions were a long time ago.

So here’s what I want from you, the readers. Suggestions people, a good honest, not-tongue-meltingly-hot thai dish for me to get started. I’m hopeful of plenty of suggestions so who knows I may even do a Thai month later in the year.

Over to you.

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