Family Get-Togethers

A magical, wondrous, creature, roasted and almost ready to eat
A magical, wondrous, creature, roasted and almost ready to eat

Every family has get-togethers from time to time and there’s usually an occasion to be celebrated as there was in our case, this weekend. One of my nieces was confirmed and so the get together was on, a feast had to be organised.

Thankfully early faith in great weather on the day meant a pig had been ordered and the Argentine Barbecue was checked and approved for use. I say Argentine Barbecue because the design and technique was passed on to one brother-in-law by an Argentine Polo player although it has me stumped.

I googled, I wikipedia’d and I haven’t been able to find any information about this particular style of barbecue. So if anyone has some more details please share them in the comments below.

Slow Roasting Irish Pork
Slow Roasting Irish Pork

8 thoughts on “Family Get-Togethers”

    1. Yes, it’s sort of an open oven style. The “shelf” that the pig is sitting on in the second photo is the grill tray, and it just lifts (With the help of a welding glove) and slides out one end, the fires are both under the grill and on top of the solid steel roof.

      The end result is kind of like a spit roast ‘cept you don’t have to keep turning it. The only added flavouring was salt and it was divine.

        1. I’m pretty sure it was a handmade based on a description and a watchful eye by “someone who would have used one before” kinda thing but I’ll see if I can find more details 😉

    1. It was absolutely deelish, I’m not sure of the actual number fed on the day (a good sized gathering of family and friends), or the weight of the Pig, as we weren’t the cooks, merely enjoying the day as guests.

      I’ll get more details and either comment here or do a follow up post.

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