The One Hundred and Second

No, I’m not talking about an airborne or infantry unit! It’s our one hundred and second post here on

Prize draw Prizes
Prize draw Prizes

Yes, our one hundredth post slipped quietly past on Monday, we’ve never been ones to mark the round number anniversaries, it just seems so arbitrary. Oh alright then, I missed it, but in order to mark the occasion of our one hundred and second post I want to take a few moments to look at how far we’ve come since we launched back in January of this year and that first recipe, scrambled eggs.

Since then it’s been great to see how the web-site and our presence on both Facebook and Twitter have grown and continue to grow. With over 400 individual visits per week and one thousand links to our site, 343 followers on Twitter and 125 likes on Facebook, it’s safe to say that things have grown faster than we expected. It’s also great to know that we have attracted an international audience with readers from our nearest neighbour the UK to places as far flung as the USA, India and even Australia. I’m so happy to be able to thank all our readers for helping us get this far :)

So to mark the occasion of our one hundred and second post, we’re having a draw with a great prize, a copy of “Easy Entertaining” by Darina Allen of the Ballymaloe Cookery School and also a Ballymaloe Cookery School apron, both pictured above.

To enter all you have to do is leave a comment on this post telling us what your favourite meal is and we will pick a winner at random from all the entries after the closing date – Wednesday 30th June at 5pm GMT – so get your entries in and tell your friends, families and loved ones to do the same 😉

30 thoughts on “The One Hundred and Second”

  1. I’m a relation, and WHAAAAaaa! I cannot enter the competition. :( It might be called Ne… nep… ah you know, it is one of those isms!

  2. hmm i have so many lasagne, spagetti amatriciana mushroom risotto basically anything italian really :)

    1. I love Italian food, although I hadn’t heard of spagetti amatriciana, some googling and I think I’m going to have to give that a try. Thanks

  3. Have to say one of my favourite’s is hubby’s homemade pizza. But that might also be because I don’t do much cooking those nights! :)

    Congrats on 102, here’s to the 1,002nd

  4. An easy recipe is rashers onion and garlic cooked in a saucepan add mushrooms can of mushroom soup fill the empty can with milk a little nutmeg pasta shells cook until the pasta is ready top with breadcrumbs and cheese Stick under the grill and brown Absolutely delicious

  5. Now this is a lovely blog. Some very good recipes and articles. I pop into Grannymar’s and feel I know you and Elly but until this morning I did not realise you had a blog. Congratulations on your 102nd post :) I can’t get to grips with putting a blog on twitter and facebook. I must come out of my dotage and try. Don’t worry about me and the prize I am just so pleased to find this. I shall add you to my list.

  6. @Lily “The best meals are the ones someone else cooks for you” it’s a cliche for a reason 😉

    @Josephine M Thanks for the recipe

    @Ryelysgranny Thank you for your kind words

    @Gaelikaa Sounds like a proper Irish Breakfast LOL

  7. I like quail eggs wrapped in bacon on top of a piece of salami covered with a Russian white sauce, followed by a shot of coffee purified with Pa. limestone rocks. Mmmmmmmmmmmm.

    Your mother -in- law is teaching me how to cook.

    1. My gosh Maynard, here is 50 cents– go out and buy a proper chicken egg.

      Congrats to you, George and Elly!!!!!!!

    2. @maynard Wow, different

      @Millie sometimes less is more… Less egg=more expensive, in Ireland anyway :)

      @Marian Another dish I had to google, I’m not a big fan of Lamb but Elly is so that’s another one on to the list to try

  8. My favourite meal is Lamb Tava from Tessa Kiros’s Falling Cloudberries book, it’s so delicious!

    Congrats on the 102nd post!

  9. My favorite is BEEF steak med rare with sauted in Real butter green onions, bell peppers, & tomatoes…

    1. As long as I can be confident the meat is top quality, I’ll eat my steak rare, if I’m not sure, it’s well done all the way 😉

  10. Congratulations. May you hit the K mark soon! My favourite meal is rice with dal, one vegtable side dish, one roasted papad, and a bowl of yogurt.

  11. My favourite meal is… anything that is served up to me that I haven’t had to cook myself :mrgreen:

    Congrats and cheers on your blog! It’s a great idea to stage a draw.

    btw Your link above to ‘comment on this post’ is not working 😕

    1. @rummuser I recently discovered the Asian supermarkets in Dublin and the range of things I am not familier with (Like dal and all sorts of aromatic spices) is huge so I will be trying some of these recipes soon (

      @Steph Thanks for the kind words and the tip about the link 😉

    1. It’s hard to beat a home made Pizza, I just wish I had the space/justification for a proper stone oven, Maybe someday 😀

  12. Favourite meal is definitely a good old Sunday Dinner of cabbage, potatoes, carrots and turnip and a veggie alternative to meat. Best day of the week to eat at a leisurely pace too.

  13. Hmm – so much delicious food to choose from! Favourite comfort food has to be a nice piece of baked salmon, mashed potatoes and mushy peas :-) Other favourite meals include a chicken and grape salad, with celery, spring onions and hazlenuts in a yogurt dressing, or a delicious shank of lamb falling off the bone, in a rich gravy with nice floury potatoes and carrots and onions. Yumm!

  14. oooh, tough one. Rare steak with potato wedges, fried mushrooms and salad for a group, mushroom risotto if it’s just for me :)

  15. BBQ chicken drumsticks with a tasty homemade BBQ sauce served with salad and a baked potato and a nice cold glass of Jacobs Creek Sparkling Rose. :)

  16. Alright then time to close this, if your entry appears after this comment, I’m sorry but you were to late to enter, better luck next time.

    We’ll announce the results tomorrow :)

  17. Damn! too late…congrats though re the anniversary :-)

    Well lasagne would be mine. I also love chicken gorkali but have no idea how to make the proper stuff (have tried out different methods without success)

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