Food related stuff I’ve spotted on the Intertubes II

It’s such a catchy title, I’ve decided to keep it and what better to kick off this post than some food related music to accompany the reading. This is the first Tom Waits song I fell in love with and possibly the first I ever heard, so enjoy.

What a great way to get your fresh veg, I wonder do any Irish farms run a similar scheme? Seasonal fresh produce delivered to your door as often as you require for a fixed fee, sounds like a winning idea to me. But then what to do with it all, especially if you live alone…

Back in June Marian left a comment naming Lamb Tava as her favourite dish and after trying this recipe out, my views on lamb have changed dramatically, Om-Nyom-Tastic :)

Food Scares, how many more of these do we need to have before we finally get the message that factory farming of animals is unnatural and nature will always strike back at us?

And finally one from the “This sh1t has got to stop” files Burger King reach an amazing low as they release the 2520 Calorie “Pizza Burger” According to Burger King it’s meant to be shared. I wonder will they refuse to sell it to lone diners or do we need another “Supersize Me” to remind us of the dangers of eating this kind of junk?