George’s awesome week of awesome


I’ve been tweeting on my personal Twitter account all week about the awesome week of awesome I’ve been having. It all started “coming up Milhouse” (as the kids are saying these days) on Monday last, but that’s not something I want to talk about here, let’s just say it was a pretty awesome day 😉

So Tuesday, I’m wandering round the house doing bits and bobs, tidying, cleaning, thinking about things to cook and write about on here, when the phone rings, I answer “Y’ello?”

“Hi George, are you free tomorrow?” Said the disembodied voice at the other end of the phone.

“I might be, erm… who is this?” I replied.

“Sorry, my name is (redacted) from (redacted) college. Would you be available tomorrow, to start the hotel and catering course you applied for?”

It was right about this moment my jaw connected with the floor. My first reaction was along the lines of “but, but, but…”

And then it sank in, the interview I thought had gone badly a few weeks ago had actually gone well enough to get me on to the top of the cancellation list.

I was in, after some discussion about the practical matters, no books, no knife roll, no uniform, I didn’t even have the equipment list. I was told to be in for induction on Wednesday morning.

This is the first of a three part series of posts please stay tuned over the coming days for more.

4 thoughts on “George’s awesome week of awesome”

  1. May the the awesome week become an awesome year and road to an awesome future!

    @Jules & Linda, I hear you life is quite awesome at the moment too. Congratulations and Hugs xxx GM.

  2. Thanks all, it’s been great but I’m knackered at the mo, so gonna grab an hour of relaxation before bed. 😉

  3. Thanks Grannymar, our little man is pretty awesome indeed :) Hope all is well with you.
    So George, if you’re studying all day, who’s doing the cooking??

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