What Ireland’s eating

This is a very quick post to help draw attention to what I can only describe as the most important piece of Television that RTE has ever produced.

Make the 52 minutes and 30 seconds needed and watch “What Ireland’s eating” on the RTE player, before it vanishes on 29th May.

9 thoughts on “What Ireland’s eating”

  1. Thanks for the comment, I couldn’t agree more, hopefully RTE will see the value of keeping it available.

    1. Sadly it wasn’t just water that was injected, there was all the other junk in it as well.

      Hopefully this show will continue to spark discussion about what we eat, because that’s the only way, that the situation will improve. Everyone needs to know where we’re going wrong and how to make it better

  2. Is there any way to get a copy of it?? Never got the chance to show my parents it on RTE Player….
    Think it would be a good idea if we could get copies as I’m sure there are lots of people who didnt get a chance to watch it but would like to see it…

        1. I just had a look and there doesn’t seem to be a copy of it available anywhere online. That’s such a pity it was a really great piece of TV

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