The Results are in…

The postman dropped off a letter earlier this morning, well, a few letters to be honest but I won’t bore you with details of the bills and the spam. The letter that grabbed my interest first off was one from the college.

I opened it wondering was it the results I’ve been waiting on? Sure enough, there they are, my results for all my hard work over the year. Whether it was by accident or design I really would like to thank whoever packed the envelope, cause the first thing I saw after I realised it was my results was “Awarded”. Never before has one word given such relief!

Not only that, but 8 out of the 12 subjects were distinctions with the rest being merits, so to say that I’m thrilled about the result would be an understatement, I’m walking on air at the moment.

Now to find the job that will take me the next step in my new career.

5 thoughts on “The Results are in…”

  1. Dad gave me the news a little while ago…. he is bursting with pride and delight for you Bro…. as for me…. well what can I say… I never doubted you would do it…. well done… congratulations and all the rest. Love you bro.

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