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When roasting, the food is cooked with oil or fat either in an oven or on a spit. The joint of meat to be cooked is placed on a trivet in a roasting tray and placed in a hot oven to seal. The temperature is then lowered and the joint cooked through with frequent basting. Alternatively, the joint can be placed on a spit over a heat source and basted regularly.

This is a great way to cook a large joint of meat as it uses only the heat and the fat within the meat to cook and all the excess fat is rendered out of the meat along with some of the natural juices, these juices can be kept and used to make gravy.

It’s always a good idea to use a roasting tray that is deep enough to hold all the ingredients easily. It’s essential when basting that you do not splash fat onto yourself or others or indeed the oven or heat source as this could cause a fire. Remember to drain off the excess fat before making the gravy.

Finally the joint should be left to rest before carving as this will make it easier to carve.