Foodie Links for 1/8/2011

A really great video about knife skills from Jamie Oliver, with a bit of a plug for his “Jamie’s 30 minute meals” book at the end.

So are the billboard guys trying to tell us something?

Until recently, I have been a bit of a picky eater, that has changed in the last few years and I’m getting to the point where there is very little I won’t taste. It’s something that I’ve tried writing a post about in the past but I’ve never been happy with the results. Now, I don’t have to thanks to Slice of Feist, who have summed it up far better than I could.

A short interview with one of the chefs I admire most, Heston Blumenthal

Finally, someone puts a figure on what obesity is costing this country. I wonder how much it would cost to teach the entire country some cooking skills? How much (if anything) could that save the economy?