When you see one bouncing merrily across your blog you know it’s been too long since you last posted anything. So after “that post” about quality over quantity you’re probably all expecting some really in-depth well written piece about nutrition or food hygiene or maybe even a recipe.

Unfortunately this is not the case, I simply have not been writing anything at all, but I have a really good excuse (All of a sudden I feel like I’m back in primary school, explaining to Miss Mc why I don’t have my homework done!). I got a job! Yup, you’re reading the words of a very happy professional chef.

Everything that I’ve been working for the last few years is starting to fall into place, I started my new role as a Commis Chef a few months back and I have to say I’m really loving it, I didn’t at first but I’ll explain that below.

First I want to extend a huge heartfelt thank you to Executive Chef, Cathal Kavanagh for giving me the opportunity, when many others simply weren’t interested. Months of rejection letters and being ignored have a way of wearing down even the most optimistic of souls but then a one day trial comes along and you give it everything you have. That was a Friday and I started at 3pm the following Monday.

That first week was incredibly tough, both mentally and especially physically. My first full day I arrived home with aching legs, lower back and stomach muscles as well as a minor burn and a teeny cut. My mind struggled to hold onto the 3 recipes I had learnt that evening long enough for me to scribble them down in my notebook, which now lives in my chef pants.

Each day has been the same since but thankfully both my fitness level and strength seem to be catching up with what’s been demanded of them. Thankfully this means those muscle aches are lessening, either that or I’ve just stopped feeling them. This is why I wasn’t loving the job as much when I started, I genuinely feared I wasn’t going to be able to stick the pace and I would let down all the people who have helped, supported and encouraged me. That thought also acted as a huge motivator for me and I managed to push through that first week.

Don’t get me wrong, the feeling of achievement and fulfillment that still washes over me when I finish a shift and am heading for home is unbelievable, if I’ve been on service it borders on emotional. I haven’t enjoyed what I do for a living this much in over a 15 years, not that I was that unhappy in I.T. and sales, it’s just that the further I got away from creating, the less I enjoyed my job. At the time I put that down to the increased responsibility and pressures of the job as I moved to more and more senior positions but it was actually just me becoming more and more jaded and bored with an industry, that in my opinion, has become more concerned about public opinion than it is about building great products.

So what does all this mean for NOT JUNK FOOD? I’m not sure, is the honest answer. It’s been 5 months since the last post and I don’t see myself having any more time in the coming months than I’ve had in the last few.

My biggest difficulty with blogging has always been the amount of technical work that goes into maintaining a self-hosted WordPress blog. Right now, there are updates that need to be done on this blog which involve updating databases and other elements of the dark arts that I simply don’t have the knowledge to complete. I could spend my time learning what I need to know to complete the upgrades but then I won’t need that knowledge again for a long time and so will have to re-learn it again at some point in the future if I am to continue the way I have been. I even contacted my hosting company to see if they would manage the techy stuff for me in exchange for payment, but they’re not interested. It’s ironic to think that my biggest barrier to blogging is my blogging platform, but that really is the case. In order for me to enjoy writing again I need to drastically reduce (or eliminate) the amount of time I spend doing the techy stuff.

I don’t want to close and delete this site because I use it as my own recipe book so I have to find a solution, if you have a suggestion I’m all ears.

In the meantime, I may decide to publish the occasional recipe but I’m not going to make promises regarding a schedule or anything else, until I can find a solution to my technical problems.

7 thoughts on “Tumbleweed…”

    1. Thanks Maryrose, I really don’t want to give it up, I’m just not feeling the love for all the techy bits that go with it at the moment. If I can crack that nut then I’ll be back sooner rather than later 😉

    1. I’m looking into exactly that, it seems to make a lot of sense let wordpress look after wordpress and then maybe I can get on with writting again,

  1. I’d add a second vote for moving to wordpress.com. You can still have your own domain name and point it across to the hosted site for about £7 a year. I did the same with my own blog and while it hasn’t increased my blogging frequency at least I don’t feel so guilty about spending the money hosting something I’m not using.

    1. Hi Jackie, thanks for the recommendation, I’ve started testing to see what’s involved and what will have to be changed or removed, but so far it looks good

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