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Time for a Recipe Mashup

We’ve all heard of a music mashup where you get two or more songs and mash them together to get a new song. Some of these are great and some are truly, truly awful. The following is one of the earliest examples I know of a music mashup made decades in advance of when the term mashup became popular…

So, what the heck has this to do with food?

Well, it’s one of my favourite pop singles of all time, so I wanted to share it here :) and more importantly, I want to share a recipe mashup with you all.

A while back Elly spotted this recipe over on Babaduck Babbles (big thank you for sharing the recipe) and we have used it a good few times as it’s actually fairly quick and easy to make up, tastes great and is a great way of upping your veg intake.

Earlier this week I was feeling a bit adventurous and I decided to mash this recipe together with one of my own and what resulted is a dish that is every bit as tasty as either of the original recipes, easy and just as quick to make and adds even more veg.

If you follow the minty pea pasta recipe substituting the carrot and courgette spaghetti recipe (up to the end of the steaming) for the pasta, you’ll end up with this truly wonderful culinary mashup that is quite possibly the tastiest vegetarian meal I’ve ever had.

There is one minor drawback in that you really need a julienne peeler otherwise chopping the carrot and courgette becomes a major chore. Thankfully they are fairly easy to source these days and also not terribly expensive, just add one to you next Amazon order 😉