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Recipe: How to poach an egg

Poached Egg
Poached Egg


1 egg
4 tablespoons of distilled malt vinegar

Place a saucepan on a high heat and add about 2 inches deep of water to it. Add the vinegar and bring to the boil.

While the water is heating, crack the egg into a small bowl. And set your timer for 3 minutes.

Once the water has come to the boil reduce the heat so the water remains just below boiling point.

With a slotted spoon, stir the water to create a vortex in the centre of the saucepan, then quickly pour the egg into the centre of the vortex and start your timer.

Once the 3 minutes are up, use the slotted spoon to remove and drain the now poached egg and serve – for example on a slice of ham on toast, garnished with balsamic vinegar and some dry herbs.

Cruel, Cruel Universe

Man milking a cow the old-fashioned way
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It all started last January. I had a bit of a dose of Gastroenteritis that thankfully cleared up quickly. Shortly after that I started to have other almost random, gastric problems. Without getting into too much detail (suffice it to say, that it was not pleasant for me or anyone in the vicinity) this went on for 3 months of trips to the doctor, days missed in college, tests in James hospital, until the doctor announces that through process of elimination there are 2 possible causes of my symptoms, Lactose Intolerance or Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

There was some discussion about IBS because there was no way (as I explained to my doctor) the universe could be this cruel to me. But that discussion came to an end pretty quickly when “invasive procedures” were mentioned and I began a 2 week lactose free diet the very next day.

I was so convinced that the universe could not be this cruel that I stopped at the shop on the way home and spend about €5 on chocolate, Sausage rolls and chocolate milk. You see where I’m going here. I was going to prove that doctor wrong and not need to do the lactose free diet because I had digested the equivalent of a cow’s worth of dairy and been fine…

a short while later…

Stomach cramps

While running for the nearest toilet\: “oh god, oh god, oh god Nooooo, I’m going to have to do this damn dairy free thing!”

And skip forward to my sudden realisation that the universe can be a bit of a dick!

I guess the best thing that happened to me while doing the 2 weeks without dairy in my diet was having someone who has lived with lactose intolerance to talk to. Not just about good options to use instead of milk, butter etc. But also because they understand more than most just how much food contains dairy in one form or another and how much this can limit your options when eating out, or at other events.

It was amazing how quickly the symptoms that had ruled my life for 3 months cleared up and disappeared just by removing dairy from my diet. I’ve discovered since that by not taking milk in my breakfast, tea or coffee I can handle small amounts of dairy used in cooking, not enough that I would think about eating a Pizza slice, but enough to know that if something was cooked with butter then I shouldn’t feel too much discomfort.

I was toying with the idea that I would occasionally take the discomfort hit for a good meal or the occasional treat, when I remembered a conversation I had a few years ago with one of Elly’s co-workers who was lactose intolerant. It was just after he had downed a steak with garlic butter. I was curious about why he would risk the dairy, would it not make him ill?

Turns out, he had taken a pill at the beginning of the meal, a lactase supplement (lactase is what allows us to digest dairy), which meant he could eat pretty much anything for about an hour after that. It wasn’t something that he did for every meal, it’s less hassle and more cost-effective to simply not eat dairy most of the time but at least he had the option to eat dairy every now and again as a treat or when eating out.

So, I went and did a bit of research online and found that I hadn’t dreamt this up and that I could buy a lactase supplement from Amazon. (Unfortunately, pharmacies in Ireland don’t stock adult lactase tablets.) I did and I’m happy to say that Kirkland’s “Fast Acting Lactase” tablets really work for me, I just take one with my first bite of dairy and I have no discomfort. If I’m eating for more than an hour I simply take an extra tablet and I’m good for another hour.

It means that while I can (and will) learn to cook lactose free food for myself and adjusting what I eat to make up for the lost nutrients, I still have the option, if I’m eating away from home, to pop a tablet and not have to worry about the possible downside.

And we’re back in the room

It seems like an eternity has flashed passed since I last published regular posts here and in reality it’s been a little less than 7 months. Regular readers will know that I returned to college to study catering with a plan to become a professional chef. I had hoped to spend some time adapting what I was learning in college to being content for Not Junk Food.

It became clear early on that this was not practical as the course was cramming an awful lot of information into my pea sized brain rather quickly and I needed to spend a lot of time studying, if I was going to have a hope of succeeding. Well I’m glad to say that I finished my final exam on Thursday last and am now going to have free time to start posting here again. We’ll have to wait for the exam results to see if I have succeeded on the study 😉

I’m also going to follow through on my promise to adapt some of my college work for Not Junk Food, in fact starting this week I’m going to do one post a week about each cooking method and a very basic recipe for each. My hope is that this information will help people think more about cooking and not simply following a recipe.

Once you become familiar with these cooking methods and the thought process behind them, you will use recipes less because you’ll know that having X, Y and a little Z in the cupboard means you can “freestyle” dishes.

There are others topics that I wish to cover as well, Nutrition and Hygiene are very important elements to consider in any kitchen and I also plan to pass on some of the knowledge I have gained in this area as well. There really is no point in cooking great tasting food if it makes you, your family or friends ill and lets face it that’s what poor nutrition and hygiene can do.

What Ireland’s eating

This is a very quick post to help draw attention to what I can only describe as the most important piece of Television that RTE has ever produced.

Make the 52 minutes and 30 seconds needed and watch “What Ireland’s eating” on the RTE player, before it vanishes on 29th May.

Food related stuff I’ve spotted on the Intertubes V

Looking for songs about food can take you to interesting places, so remember kids eat your vegetables! 😉

Possibly the best design ever for a pizza oven

For a gadget geek like me I have to say this is quite possibly the coolest kitchen gadget ever I wonder if I could get one for a product test. LOL

Now it’s only really since starting in college that I’ve become interested in baking but it’s amazing just how far you can take a cake.

And once again I’m going to leave the last word to our crazy friends in the USA and their love of the state fair has brought us some truly horrendous “food stuffs” in 2010. Check out the top ten here.

Your help needed!

Chef Factor is now in full swing and the public voting has begun, please pop over to my entry here and give me your vote. Also, please feel free to “recommend” to your friends and family that they too support me with a vote. Thanks!