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Kitchen Hero returns

The first season of Kitchen Hero, Donal Skehan’s excellent TV show, returns to our TV screens tonight at 8.30 on RTE 1 after it’s mid season break. I really enjoyed the first 6 episodes so I’m counting the minutes already.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Donal Skehan, he has a great biography over on his food blog. He first came to my attention with his original and excellently titled food blog thegoodmoodfoodblog.com alas it is no longer with us but the ethos behind that original blog is still very much alive on donalskehan.com

His first cook book, “Good Mood Food”, is a great read that reminds me of the early Jamie Oliver cookbooks with it’s direct and easy to follow style. Unfortunately, I haven’t had a chance to give his second book, Kitchen Hero, a review as yet but based on what I’ve seen in the TV show, I’m sure it will be every bit the match for the recipes and tips of the first.

As cooking shows go, Donal’s personality and enthusiasm shines through, there is no doubting that he loves food, loves to cook and most important loves to share that knowledge with others. His recipes are very accessible and any I’ve made, I’ve enjoyed both the results and the preparation.

The thing that really makes this show for me though is the attention to detail, I can’t remember the last time I saw a cookery show where we actually saw the cook washing their hands, not to mention washing them after handling raw meat. I know it’s basic hygiene and I know most people do it automatically, but I really hate the way so many shows seem to take hygiene for granted! Good on you Donal for keeping it real!

Kitchen Hero

He’s been called “Ireland’s answer to Jamie Oliver”. He has a successful music career as well as a very popular and award winning cookery blog. And now he’s about to launch his second cookery book, Kitchen Hero. I am of course talking about the unbelievably modest overachiever :) and Ireland’s own, Donal Skehan.

Why You Should Know About Donal Skehan
Why You Should Know About Donal Skehan

I’ve only recently read his first cook book despite having tried a number of the recipes. It’s a really informative read (the bits between the recipes like) there are lots of great tips, what to keep in the cupboards, thinking around the ingredients you have to hand in order to make the dish you want and much more.

To me it’s a great introduction for beginners or those of us looking for fresh ideas and it reminds me a lot of Jamie Oliver’s “Naked Chef” books which are the ones that got me past the toast, fry ups and pre-prepared meal phase and into real cooking.

Needless to say I can’t wait to see the new book and thumb through its pages, to drool over the various recipes for myself. What new delights will it hold? Unfortunately its not due for release until March 3rd, I guess I’m just going to have to pre-order it and wait.

Best of luck with it Donal, oh and when are you getting your own TV show? Do you need an assistant for it? :)

Cookbook Competition Winner!

We have a winner! The competition closed yesterday at 5pm and we listed out all the entries and then asked our friends on Twitter to throw out a random number.

Prize draw Prizes
Prize draw Prizes

We’re delighted to announce that the winner is Rhyelysgranny!

If you haven’t already checked out her blog, Tea & Wheaten Bread, then you really should – especially her recipe for scones, we’ll be trying that one this weekend!

Congratulations, we hope that you enjoy the Darina Allen cookbook and Ballymaloe apron!