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The First Recipe

Yup we’re gonna start with the first recipe shortly. This is something that I had to think about very carefully, I wanted something that can be done quickly, easily, is really tasty and that even the pickiest of eaters will eat.

Free Range Chickens being fed

What makes this dish truly exceptional is that even without using the absolute best of ingredients it still tastes great however if you do have free-range or organic ingredients available it lifts this breakfast/snack out of the everyday and into the exceptional.

So what is this wonder dish? One of my all time favourites… Scrambled eggs on toast.

A good non-stick frying pan makes life much easier for this recipe, one that changes temperature along with the heat level rather than holding on to it and is easy to clean is my preference. We own a number of different size frying pans but I prefer to use as small a pan as possible for this as the eggs seem to shrink as they scramble.

A good frying pan is essential to any kitchen and the best that we’ve found over the years is the Jamie Oliver series from Tefal – we’ll have a full product review on these in the next few weeks.

In the meantime, enjoy the recipe.

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Hello world!

Well it is traditional after all, so “Hello World!” and welcome one and all to notjunkfood.net, a cookery site for the novice, those of us who enjoy cooking or just want to learn how to cook a bit more.

90.365 - Passion for food

I’m no chef, I’m just a regular guy, living a regular life who has a passion for food and as a result I’ve developed a passion for cooking, as the two go hand in hand. If you’d like to learn more about this site please take the time to read our about page.

Over the next few days, weeks, months and (hopefully) years, I intend to use this site to pass on recipes, tips and tricks, with the intention of helping everyone to enjoy cooking more and not to see it as a chore.

So starting tomorrow, we will have our first recipe, I look forward to seeing you then!