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It’s been a little quiet

Yup, it sure has. You could be forgiven for thinking that I’d abandoned NotJunkFood after the college announcement, ‘cept that’s not really the case, the intention was there all along but it seems a return to education after so long has been a bit of culture shock.

Thankfully I am starting to get to grips with the workload just as more gets heaped on in the form of assignments. Still, this is what I wanted, to learn more about the craft and the science of cooking and I’m still loving it despite the workload. This course is a really good one year introduction but I know I’m only scratching the surface of what I could be learning which is why I’m already planning for what’s to follow and that’s something you can all help on but more about that later.

I’m also getting a bit excited about the run up to Christmas not because Santa is coming and he’s going to bring me a set of Global Knives (I’ve been good but I don’t think I’ve been that good ;)) but because I’m going to be starting a few weeks of work experience in an actual restaurant where I might actually get to make something for paying customers!

So anyway, I mentioned about plans for after this course. Well one choice would be to go on from here to study Culinary Arts in Cathal Brugha Street, however who knows if anyone will be able to afford to be a student after the upcoming budget. So I’ve also entered Cully & Sully’s ChefFactor competition.


Why? Well quite simply because the prize is just incredible! The full 12 week cookery course in the world renowned Ballymaloe Cookery School, a place that not only turns out some of the best chefs in the world but is also the living embodiment of all that is great with Irish food.

Forgetting the value of the prize (€12K for the course + accommodation + equipment + 2 weeks to mine the brains of both Cully & Sully for all there is to know about the food industry) for a minute or two, this is a life changing opportunity and one that, should I win, I intend to wring every last ounce of value from. This will change someone’s life and I’m hoping that with your help, it will be my life that gets changed :)

The competition is now in full swing and the public voting has begun, so you can pop over to my entry here and show your support by clicking on the “Like” button. The competition is fierce, so please also “recommend” to your friends and family that they too support me with a vote! Thank you in advance!

Cully & Sully launch Chef Factor

Meet Cully&Sully
Meet Cully&Sully

Everyone’s favourite producers of chilled hot pots, soups, pies and desserts, Cully&Sully were in the Westbury Hotel in Dublin last night to meet some of the Irish Food Bloggers and to launch a fantastic new competition – Chef Factor.

The evening kicked off with demonstration from Ivan, often referred to as the “&” in Cully&Sully – he’s the main development chef for the company. Over copious free beers, Ivan cooked a delicious lamb dish with couscous, white turnip & multi-coloured chard served with Bearnaise sauce, while dispensing numerous chef tips along the way to the eager crowd. Once the dish was served up for us to taste, it was time for Elaine (the “.com” in cullyandsully.com, as I nicknamed her) to show off the promo videos that had been made for the competition.

Both Cully & Sully grew up around Irish food powerhouses (Ballymaloe & The Granary Store), so it was natural that they were gourmands from a young age. Their upbringing has strongly influenced their business, as the entire range of products is free from artificial colours & flavourings and also preservatives – or as Cully puts it, “The only things you’ll find in our products are the things you’ll find in your Granny’s kitchen”. Talking to them after the launch last night, it was clear that this philosophy runs to their core, as they were eager to discuss any dishes and restaurants the food bloggers could recommend.

How to Enter Chef Factor

Cully&Sully’s Chef Factor is about giving someone a once in a life time opportunity to pursue a culinary career or get involved in making their own good food. They are also hoping to raise some awareness for Cork Simon Community throughout the competition as they are approaching their 40th anniversary and now as much as ever, are in need of support.

The winner of Chef Factor will get to attend the 12-week cookery course in Ballymaloe worth €12,000 (session starting January 2011) along with receiving everything they need to become Ireland’s next great chef: the course, a uniform, a set of knives, accommodation while they train followed by 2 weeks with Cully&Sully to learn about the business and have some craic!

If you want to support someone who has entered Cully&Sully’s Cheffactor, you just have to ‘Like’ their entry to vote for them! Voting opens on the the 25th of October and only Votes on Cheffactor.ie count. They will also be giving away a number of Cully&Sully’s coveted hampers to voters at the final!

The 12-week course at Ballymaloe is highly respected and much sought after, and in their own words:

Our 12-week Certificate Course is aimed at anyone with a passionate interest in food. Some of our students use it as a springboard to becoming a professional chef (literally, hundreds of former students are now running their own restaurants or catering companies) – others to provide themselves with a marketable skill (for instance, cooking for private parties) – and a third group to maximise the pleasure they get from cooking at home. There’s no one age group (we have students who have just left school, others who are happily retired) and no particular level of experience (some are absolute beginners, others already accomplished).

So it’s time to get your thinking caps on and decide what dish you want to enter! Entering is easy, you simply have to upload a photo of YOU with your speciality dish. To garnish, put the words Cully&Sully somewhere in your snap. Then tell them a little bit about your dish and in 100 words or less why YOU deserve to be in the final!