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A Nutritional Dilemma

I’ve been reading and researching trying to find information on nutrition as opposed to healthy eating. It’s part of my quest for knowledge and while there are a lot of sites out there giving tips on “healthy eating” very few give detailed information about actual nutrition and let’s face it without knowing what we need how can we eat the most appropriate food?

Food Pyramid
image via hair_k on flickr

We knew eating processed and delivered meals was not good for us (Elly and myself) so we made the switch to cooking from fresh as much as possible and we’ve both seen benefits and I don’t just mean the self-satisfaction that comes from eating a meal you prepared yourself, I mean we have both lost a lot of weight, our skin is clearer, we look and feel better, we argue less and discuss more, we find it easier to focus and be more productive, the benefits and differences we have seen are so worth making the effort – but I want more!

And here’s the rub, I don’t know if we’re actually getting a fully balanced diet, I mean sure we’re eating from the right food groups but are we getting the right quantities of each? What could we eat more (or less) of? These are the questions that I’m not getting answered.

I’ve tried getting in touch with An Bord Bia, I’ve googled my fingers to the nub. So far the closest thing I have found to an answer is this page on Wikipedia. I wonder if there are any nutritionists or dietitians reading that could offer some advice or point me in the right direction with a link or two?