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Foodie Links for 20/6/2011

Hmm, I’m not sure about this lad’s credentials…

Have you ever found an ingredient, had no idea what it was, but still wanted to try to cook it? Well then The Cook’s Thesaurus could be just your thing. I’ve spent literally hours reading through this – it’s a wonderful resource, bookmark it, you’ll thank me later.

With the return of Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution show for its second season in the US hopefully we’ll see less and less of these kinds of stories in the future.

Which will hopefully lead to us seeing a lot more stories like this one.

Scary headline grabbed my attention but could we really be just one poor harvest away from chaos?

Kitchen Hero

He’s been called “Ireland’s answer to Jamie Oliver”. He has a successful music career as well as a very popular and award winning cookery blog. And now he’s about to launch his second cookery book, Kitchen Hero. I am of course talking about the unbelievably modest overachiever :) and Ireland’s own, Donal Skehan.

Why You Should Know About Donal Skehan
Why You Should Know About Donal Skehan

I’ve only recently read his first cook book despite having tried a number of the recipes. It’s a really informative read (the bits between the recipes like) there are lots of great tips, what to keep in the cupboards, thinking around the ingredients you have to hand in order to make the dish you want and much more.

To me it’s a great introduction for beginners or those of us looking for fresh ideas and it reminds me a lot of Jamie Oliver’s “Naked Chef” books which are the ones that got me past the toast, fry ups and pre-prepared meal phase and into real cooking.

Needless to say I can’t wait to see the new book and thumb through its pages, to drool over the various recipes for myself. What new delights will it hold? Unfortunately its not due for release until March 3rd, I guess I’m just going to have to pre-order it and wait.

Best of luck with it Donal, oh and when are you getting your own TV show? Do you need an assistant for it? :)

Food related stuff I’ve spotted on the Intertubes

This post is really a bit of a lazy one, these types of things to me are the equivalent of “the clip show” on TV. I read a fair bit online as well as offline about all things food. Sometimes these articles help me to form or reform opinions I have and express them in my own posts here. Every so often though I collect an array of open web pages because I want to write about certain topics but for one reason or another don’t get round to fleshing out these ideas. So with out further ado I give you a series of links to interesting and thought provoking articles I’ve read over the last week or two.

First up we have @reindeersp list of all the Irishfoodies that could be found on twitter, click here if you want to follow the list yourself.

It looks like Amazon are getting into the online grocery business, in the UK at least. I had a look through some of the catalogue before I realised the UK only nature of the Beta and was thinking of ordering a few bits and bobs that aren’t easily found locally but was disappointed that I couldn’t. Here’s hoping the beta goes well and it’s available to all sooner rather than later.

What a great new product from thinkgeek :)

Peter has a really interesting post about teaching organic gardening in schools. I really enjoyed this post and to me it comes down to this… which is “greener”? “Organic” produce that may be better travelled than I am :) or local produce that maybe isn’t certified organic?

Think about the carbon footprint of what’s on your dinner plate this evening, how far has each ingredient travelled? Is that better or worse for the environment than non-organic farming? I honestly don’t know but it’s something that I’ve been thinking about a lot recently and so far for me it comes down to taste, freshness and the methods used to produce the food, not whether it’s certified “organic” or not.

And now for some Food Revolution updates, it’s great to hear about positive moves in the U.S.A. like this one from the Governator himself, but then you read things like this and realise that it’s going to take a long time for real change to happen. Still it’s another reason for me to be happy that my breakfast cereal of choice is porridge.

Closer to home, in the UK, Jamie Oliver has come in for some rather strange criticism by none other than Andrew Lansley, the Health Secretary and has had funding removed from his School Dinners program to improve them in the UK, at the same time as his efforts in the US are starting to have a serious impact. Then only a few days later you read this and think well he’s (Andrew Lansley) going to have to rethink that now, or will he?

The Revolution Continues

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution may have come to an end, at least the TV show has. The show itself has been fantastic and if you’re a bit sceptical of the value of cooking your own food and knowing what’s in your meals then, all I can say is, you really need to watch it.

There are too many great moments in it to start listing them all but the food mob is definitely one of the most entertaining.

Thanks to youtube you can watch the whole series on-line, it’s about two hours in total and really worth your time even if only to remind us all that one person can make a difference. So I’ve included a link below to the season playlist.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution (youtube playlist)

The TV show is over, is that the end of the food revolution, heck no. There’s a load of information and recipes over on The Food Revolution page of his website.

Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution logo
Go on, sign it

There is also Jamie’s petition for us to sign, you may have noticed us tweeting and facebook-ing about it in the last few weeks. I don’t normally go in for petitions but in this case I think it’s really important for us all to show support, not just because it might help the cause, but also I reckon there may be quite a few of the big players in the food industry watching to see if they need to change their products to keep with the times. Who knows maybe some of the food processing companies might even change their ways.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution

Yup I’m gonna be talking about him again today. His latest show “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” started airing in the US on ABC during March and while I can’t seem to find any details of when/if it will be shown on this side of the pond, I have watched the first 3 episodes thanks to the wonders of the interweb, or more precisely youtube.


It follows a similar idea to “Ministry of Food” and “School Dinners” albeit with a more American slant. There are some really really scary moments in this show, like…

The children who, after watching Jamie make Chicken Nuggets from the carcass of a chicken and being disgusted by it, still want to eat them once they’re shaped and cooked. Talk about brain washed kids, are things this bad in Ireland?

I’ve gained so much respect for Jamie already for his work in the UK but this is a different world, these people don’t even realise that their system is broken, how *can* you think that it works when you’re living in the unhealthiest city in America? If Jamie can make a difference in the US then maybe the rest of us will follow.

You can watch the first three episodes by following the links below and I will add links to the future episodes as they become available.

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ep1

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ep 2

Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Ep 3