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Cooking for one – Part II

Possibly the two most important skills when cooking for one are imagination and division.

Let’s look at the second of those first, division. It’s a fairly basic skill and this will allow you to take a recipe meant to serve 4 and allow you to cook a single portion of it. Of course it can help if you have a handy way to convert measurements.

Thankfully Google does this and it’s really easy to use. Say you see a recipe that serves 4 and calls for 1 cup of wine. You could try to measure a quarter cup or you could go to google.ie and type “convert 1 cup to ml” hit search and here’s the result, now you continue dividing :)This doesn’t just work for cups either, you can convert almost any measurement just type “Convert xxx to yyy” and google does the rest, very handy.

It’s not always that simple of course and this is where imagination comes in, how could you roast a quarter of a chicken, for instance. In this case I can think of two options.

  1. Use a piece or two of cut chicken, say a chicken breast on the bone, or a few wings and a leg (you get the idea)
  2. Cook a whole small chicken and use the leftovers for sandwiches or salads or even an omelette.

And I’m only using the roast chicken as an example here, of course I’m not suggesting that you live on chicken, but it is a great example for imagination. When you roast a piece of chicken (or roast anything) you can rest it on some veg (peppers, carrot, parsnip and onion spring to mind) and you have your roast veg along with the chicken.

So cooking for one doesn’t have to be all about things you can make in advance and freeze in portions :)