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The most authentic Italian pizza

September 15th, 2010 will live in my memory as the day I ate the most authentic Italian pizza. We (Elly and I) were on holiday in Italy, staying in Pompei we decided to grab a train into Naples.

A random street in Naples
A random street in Naples

We were being typical tourists, wandering round the city without any real direction when we decided to grab some lunch.

Naples is the home of the pizza and the restaurant that first served pizza still exists. We had done some research before we left Ireland and knew from literally thousands of reviews that this restaurant was to be avoided as it has become a tourist trap, with a lot of reviewers claiming they were totally ripped off.

Instead we were looking for “Da Michele” which is said to serve the best pizza in the world, by thousands of online reviews.

We got our bearings and headed towards where we thought “Da Michele” was located and as soon as we rounded the corner onto the correct street there it was, with about twenty people standing around outside. We walked inside and were given ticket number 75 as we heard ticket 56 being called. We prepared for a long wait…

Mercifully the wait was only about twenty minutes and we were directed inside to a table which we shared with 2 hungry locals. The menu is quite short, only two types of pizza in different sizes and a selection of drinks.

We ordered one of each and sat in for what I thought would be a bit of a wait. To pass the time, I filmed one of the staff making pizzas right behind Elly’s head. You can tell how happy she was to be asked to slide down in her seat to give me a better view :)

Yup that short clip was two pizzas going from dough ball to fifteen inch pizza base, without a rolling pin in sight. Maybe if I was doing it all day every day for a while I might be able to manage one in twice the time.

Da Michele Menu
The full menu

Dressing, cooking and serving time was at most another five minutes. Our pizzas were served so quickly to our table, from a red hot wood fired stone oven, that we had to wait almost as long for the pizzas to cool and set as we did for the order.

The pizzas themselves were beyond description, mere words can not do the bread or the topping any justice. I was so enthralled by the process I forgot to take a picture. In a way though I’m kind of glad I didn’t because if you saw how simply they were dressed you would not believe how great they tasted. This was one of those occasions when the sight and taste senses have an argument and taste wins by landslide.

So in lieu of a picture of our pizzas, here’s one of the queue as we left.

The queue as we left
The queue as we left

Oh and you may hear more about “Da Michele” if you happen to see “Eat Pray Love” as according to a poster on the door, Julia Roberts filmed a scene there 😉

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