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Who got me started cooking proper food?

Jamie Oliver
Image by Scandic Hotels via Flickr

In truth, it was largely down to a wee lad by the name of Jamie Oliver. When his first series “The Naked Chef” aired one of my friends started to rave about him. Once I’d gotten the obligatory “you watch cooking shows” slagging out of the way, I did watch the show one night and Jamie’s passion for food is what struck me first, so I kept watching the show, kept ordering the take-aways until about a year later I decided that I should give this cooking lark a try and I did and I enjoyed it.

So I invited some friends round for dinner and once they finished with the “please don’t poison us” slagging and agreed to give it a try, I cooked the same meal and they were all either genuinely impressed or unusually hesitant to hurt my feelings 😉 Either way the success of that one meal gave me the confidence to do more, the passion to learn more and the desire to eat with friends and family more.

The feeling of satisfaction I had on that Saturday evening, is still fresh in my memory, food brings people together, you sit at a table, this starts conversations and conversation is a very powerful thing, it can spread news, ideas, ambitions, resolve conflict, help people to cope with things they might not be able to otherwise, I could go on and on, but you get the idea and it all starts with the cooking.

When Jamie’s show “Jamie’s Ministry of Food” aired, I loved the idea of “Pass it on” and I did, to a few people but I always felt that I could have and should have done more. That was part of the reason that I started this site, to help people start cooking for themselves by giving them quick and easy recipes that don’t take an age to make, or at least if they do, can be easily stored or frozen and can be quickly put together on a busy day, so I/you don’t reach for the delivery menu or the processed meal.

Jamie started me on this road a long time ago before I (or possibly he) even knew where it was going and I am eternally grateful to him for it. Which is why I was over the moon to hear that he had won this year’s TED prize.

I watched his speech from the conference and listened to his wish. It’s the most compelling speech I have heard in a long time and sums up everything I want to say about cooking and why everyone needs to learn to cook, in a way I could never manage – so coherently, briefly and passionately. Watch it and decide for yourself…

Lets all do our part to make this wish come true.

“I wish for your help to create a strong, sustainable movement to educate every child about food, inspire families to cook again and empower people everywhere to fight obesity.