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Weekly Meal Planning

I’ve decided I’m going to share how I plan our weekly meals, with you all. There’s no big secret hear, it’s mostly common sense combined with a bit of what ye fancy. Most of the time these days it starts with a few simple questions.

  • Are we out any nights this week? If yes then how many?
  • Are we having guests for any meals this week? If yes then how many?
  • Are there any special food events this week? (Paddies day, Good friday, christmas etc.)
  • Is there anything in particular that we want to eat this week?
  • What’s in the freezer/fridge?
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So, lets say we’re out one night in the week and We’re having 2 guests for Sunday lunch. That’s six evening meals, lunches for me, 2 lunches over the weekend and breakfasts to think about as well.

Breakfast is the easy one, I have Porridge and Elly has whatever the heck she feels like :) and thankfully looks after it herself. So i only have to make sure I have porridge in the press and Bannanas ’cause I like to mash one in with the porridge.

If there’s something in particular that we want to eat, I’ll have to make sure I have a recipe or come up with one.

Finally I’ll have a quick look at what’s in the freezer so I know what’s there and hopefully cross off one or two meals in the week.

During winter, meal planning tends to go along the lines of I’ll do a big pot of stew and that takes care of a couple of days evening meals and lunches, but as we now seem to be heading towards summer (fingers crossed) there’s going to be a lot more salads, so less cooking but more preparation.

I’ll also try to vary the meals during the week and not have the same meals one week to the next, variety is the spice of life and it’s also important to vary what you eat to remain healthy.

Once I’ve got an idea of my meals for the week, I’ll start getting ready to go shopping.