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Two types of steaming utensils
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Steaming is my favourite way to cook green veg like Broccoli, French beans etc. as it retains so much of the nutritional value in the food, it gives a great colour to veg as well and it’s difficult to over cook food when steaming (not impossible, but you really have to try 😉 )

There are two types of steaming Atmospheric and High Pressure.

When atmospheric steaming the food is cooked by the action of the steam, so it’s important that the food is separated from the water, this can be done by using an atmospheric steamer or a steaming basket in a normal saucepan.

High pressure steaming requires specialist equipment in the form of a pressure cooker and is generally more suitable for cooking small quantities of food. Foods are cooked much faster by pressure cooking than by most other methods, so dishes can be ready sooner. Less energy is required than when boiling, atmospheric steaming or oven cooking. Since less water is necessary, the foods come to cooking temperature faster.

With all steaming it’s important to check the water level and temperature before you start and to be aware of the risk of scalding. When lids are removed there is going to be a cloud of steam rising and this can give a very bad burn so always protect yourself.

Also remember to time foods carefully when using a pressure cooker.