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Cutting Onions

In this post we’re going to give you a number of quick tips for cutting onions in lots of different ways. Firstly there is no magic cure, some onions will make you cry when you cut them no matter what, but there are a few things that you can do to minimise the effects.

  1. Breath through your mouth
  2. Do not lean your head in over the onion as you cut it
  3. Smaller onions tend to make you cry quicker, so use larger onions if possible
  4. Turn on the extractor fan and cut the onions near it

Unfortunately, I have yet to come across a “secret” trick that works every time, once those vapours get you, you’re gone. Thankfully the tips listed above do help.

Now onto the cutting, the video below shows my limited knife skills doing onion rings, half moons, chunks and lastly diced onion.

These techniques also work well with Shallots, after all they are a type of small onion as well 😉

Soups, sauces and the freezer


The next recipe will be coming up shortly and it’s a little twist on one of my all time favourite soups. My basil and tomato soup is one of those “accidents” that happen every so often, but the result was so good that I continue to use the “accidental” recipe. This recipe can be frozen and kept in the freezer ready to serve.

There’s not a lot else to say about this soup but I want to discuss the kitchen freezer a wee bit. It’s not just a place to make ice and store your processed food, it can also be used to store food you make yourself.

Most soups and sauces can be frozen and stored for weeks once they have been fully prepared. There are just two things to remember when freezing food.

If raw meat has defrosted don’t refreeze it unless it’s been cooked fully.

If cooked meat is defrosted don’t refreeze it, either eat it or bin it.

For soups and sauces we have found a great way of maximising the storage in your freezer. First you will need a flat surface in your freezer so this usually means re-organising it a bit, for me anyway. Then you will need some re-sealable freezer or sandwich bags.

Once your soup or sauce has been fully cooked and had time to cool completely, put some into a freezer bag and then half seal the top, lay it on a flat surface holding the still open end up, gently squeeze the bag until there is no air left inside and seal it fully. Then place it on the flat surface in your freezer to freeze. Naturally the thicker the soup or sauce the easier this bit is.

For soups we put two portions into a bag, that way there’s enough for Elly and myself, but if we have an extra mouth or two coming for lunch/dinner we can just pull out another bag.

The other great thing about freezing soups and sauces this way is that you can take them out of the freezer and put the bags in cold water to defrost the contents. This usually takes no more than 15 to 20 minutes. Then for soup, just heat it up and you’re ready to serve.