So why does this site exist?

There were two reasons driving me to set-up this site. Firstly, I like to eat, and over the years my “cooking” consisted largely of fry-ups, frozen pizza, pre-packaged meals and so on, I think you get the idea.

Then one day, about ten years ago, I decided I was going to cook something from scratch, just to see how bad it could be, about 5 hours later I had meatballs and (not home-made) tagliatelle in Italian Tomato Sauce. I was proud as punch of the achievement and thought it tasted great. That recipe has grown and morphed over time and is now a staple part of my cooking routine and has spawned numerous different versions and applications. This has been a wonderful experience of both personal growth and fulfilment for me over the years and I hope by sharing the information, I may help others to develop a similar love of cooking.

The second reason is that as I mentioned above my diet (and my wife’s) had largely moved to processed foods and take-aways/deliveries and it wasn’t even remotely healthy for either of us, so over the last few years we’ve made the decision to cut back on processed foods and cook as much as possible with fresh ingredients.

At first it was a struggle to ‘make the time’ in the evenings after work, but as our kitchen skills increased we came up with recipes that are either really quick to make or could be made in advance and frozen, so now we have ‘convenience food’ but with our own recipes, made with fresh ingredients, that we can prepare quickly in the evening and not have cooking be a chore.

We have found that as our diet switches more to meals we prepare ourselves from fresh ingredients, we have been gradually but consistently feeling better and losing weight, maybe it’s a coincidence but all I know is every time I fall off the wagon and go back to take-outs and processed food, I gain weight and when I get back on, I start to lose weight again within a month.

Who is it for?

Anyone who either wants a recipe for simple, healthy home-cooked food or those who have an interest in cooking great food with fresh ingredients. Whether you are a novice cook or someone with years of experience, you’ll find something here to interest you.

What should you expect?

Recipes and tips on preparing meals in advance to make them easy to fit in to a busy schedule. The odd story, product and or restaurant reviews – who knows what the future holds!

There is also a mobile version of NotJunkFood.net, so you can have your recipes in the kitchen without losing space to a computer or laptop.

What is the comment policy?

We welcome comments from everyone and while we want to give as many people as possible a voice, we have limitations, on some articles we may choose to not allow comments, we also close comments on posts older than 90 days, as generally comments after this time are largely spammers. We also will not tolerate abusive language, hate speech, general nastiness or spamming.

Tasty, easy recipes

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